October 15, 2020

The Beginning: Providing Value

The Backstory:

During my time at Grand Valley State University, I did marketing work for my family's golf course, Alpine Golf Club, along with various other freelance projects that came my way.

I provided family and friends with photography, videography, website design, and graphic design. I kept finding myself in situations where having those creative skills opened doors for me. It was my way of providing value to those around me.

As I approached graduation, I faced a situation that no student could have ever predicted. My final semester of school was pushed online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My graduation ceremony was canceled. With the blink of an eye, I realized that college was over, I would not be attending any more in-person classes.

I finished up the semester online and was walking down a path of uncertainty. Companies were laying off employees left and right; my friends were losing their planned positions, and I had no real plan for what my future would hold.

However, during all the turmoil, one thing remained the same. Those around me needed web design, photography, videography, and graphic design work.

The Beginning:

With more time on my hands now that school was done, I found myself in a situation where I could focus on providing value to those around me. One small project after another caused me to realize I might be on to something here. Small businesses need help with marketing services that work well for them.

I found that what I really enjoyed was creating great user experience. I started to focus on understanding how customers interacted with a brand. People usually interact with small businesses online to look up information like their menu, rates, or phone number. I wanted to create digital marketing that provided customers with accurate, easy to navigate information that authentically represented the brand.

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