November 10, 2020

Free Lightroom CC Mobile Preset + Download Tutorial Video

Lightroom CC Mobile Preset

I recently put together my first Lightroom CC Mobile preset. It's free to download and I also made a tutorial video showing you how to get it installed.

What You'll Need:

1.iPhone or iPad running the latest IOS software
2. Lightroom CC Mobile App, download here.

How To Download:

1. Visit the Lightroom Presets page on my website, linked here.
2. Click "Download Now"
3.Enter your name and email address. This will email you the link to the preset.
4. In the email body the "Download" button
5. The preset is built into the linked .DNG image. When you import this image into Lightroom the preset settings will come with it.
6. Click "Open In Lightroom"
7. Click the circle/three dots in the top right
8. Name the preset whatever you would like.
9. Go to an image you would like to edit. Scroll over to "Presets" on the bottom toolbar.
10. Apply the preset. That's it!

iPhone Photography Masterclass:

If you're not totally comfortable with using Lightroom CC but would like to learn more about it, I am working on producing an iPhone Photography Masterclass.

As our phone cameras have been getting better and better, I've found myself using my iPhone to take pictures more often than ever. Knowing how to take great photos is a lifelong skill that will help you create great memories worth sharing.

In this course, I go in-depth talking about tips and tricks to shooting better photos, the in's and out's of using Lightroom CC to edit your photos, and finally the best techniques for uploading your photos on social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

This course is specifically designed for anyone that is looking to build their personal brand or small business owners who are looking to step up their social media presence. Being able to capture great content using a device that's already in your pocket is a powerful skill that can open up countless doors.

As soon as the course is live, I will be announcing it on my Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and here on my website!


Enjoy this free preset! If you have any questions about installing it, send me an email at and I will help you get it set up. Cya in the next post!

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